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”What you see is what you get”

Terje Berg, Commercial Lead at Føn

Terje Berg, from Føn Energy Services, seems pretty convinced after having made the switch to KONCIV back in November 2023.

🔍 "We were looking for flexible systems that adapt to our needs, rather than forcing us to conform to a system," Terje explains. "Plus, as a rapidly growing company, scalability and ease of customization were very important."

🏆 The challenge? Their old software license was expiring, and they needed a solution up and running in a week.

Challenge accepted! ✅


⏰ In just 4 days, we had a working prototype online!

🚀 "Konciv was incredibly responsive, addressing all challenges promptly and efficiently," Terje remarks. 💪


Føn's offices and workshop in Tananger, just down the road from Konciv

📈Føn started with a few modules for personnel planning and workflow management. Now, they're expanding to include warehouse and rental logistics. 🔄 "We need intuitive, user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate with our ERP," Terje emphasizes. "No more manual processes or redundant data entry."


Konciv running on the screens in the workshop hall

🔮 Looking ahead, we're thrilled to collaborate with pioneers and innovators like Føn, pushing the boundaries of our platform and highlighting the value of our business model for all parties involved. As Terje says:"Unlike many SaaS companies that seem to have black belts in hidden costs, Konciv's pricing model is a breath of fresh air." 💨


Konciv in the leader suite

🎯 "Konciv is simplicity at its finest," Terje praises. "No unnecessary bells and whistles—just the functionality we need. And if we need more, we pick up the phone and they just add it seamlessly, no strings attached. In many ways they are the polar opposite of most software companies, where everything is difficult and expensive."


And that’s the way we like it. Simple. Reliable. Predictable. Efficient.

Konciv "Works the way you work."

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