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A Port Worker

Terminal Management

Transform your terminal or supply base into a real-time operation, ensuring operational resilience, unprecedented transparency and improved collaboration

Optimize Workflows in your terminal operations

Say hello to flawless execution and goodbye to inefficiencies with our unique platform.


Ensure predictability on your terminal through allowing your logistics partners register and manage deliveries to the port

Vessel loading and discharging

Manage all vessel loading and unloading activities in real-time

Receival and inspection

Receive containers and do required inspections to ensure a safe handover of handling responsibility


Manage dispatching of the terminal

Internal movements

Keep track of where everything is in real-time

Control Tower

Monitor, in real-time, all activities across all ports and terminals

Konciv brings terminal automation to the worlds first autonomous RoRo vessels

From pen and paper, to real-time digital operations

As Scandinavia`s leading supply base operator, NorSea is leveraging the power of Konciv to drive digitalization in their operational processes

Wind Turbines

Konciv awarded public grant to deliver the Terminal Management Solution to the Wind industry

Optimize Workflows

Say hello to flawless execution and goodbye to inefficiencies with our unique platform.

An orderly, dynamic flowchart symbolizing efficient workflow. (1).png

Optimized Operations

Streamline your workflow and stay informed with our customizable automation rules and notifications tailored for your operational and project needs.

A bird's eye view of a sleek, futuristic

Streamline Operations

Empower your control centers with centralized dashboards for streamlined work monitoring and enhanced efficiency.


Unstoppable Performance

Tackle any challenge with our rugged devices and mobile solutions, empowering fieldwork in even the toughest conditions

Talk to an expert

Please get in touch to explore how Konciv can support you in digitizing your processes. 

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Henrik Heggland

Bjarne Bendixen

Tore Tjentland

+ 47 914 34 054

+ 47 934 88 330

+ 47 412 54 929

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Tina Sivertsen Heimsvik

Torstein Hoset

Andreas Kalvig Anderson

+ 47 450 02 533

+ 47 453 23 204

+ 47 994 51 711

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