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Konciv Receives Grant to Develop NEXT GEN Terminal and Yard Management for the Wind Industry

Konciv has been awarded a public grant from Innovation Norway to develop the next-generation terminal and yard management solution for storing and assembling wind turbines.

Konciv`s existing solutions within offshore logistics have been well received and are a key part to the puzzle of ensuring that deliveries to and from offshore installations are done efficiently on the Norwegian & Danish continental shelves.

"Konciv is already well positioned as a key technology to support the oil & gas logistics operations by delivering the software that supports NorSea`s supply bases in Norway & Denmark. Through the years of collaborating and learning from NorSea we have gained key insight into how to drive efficiency in heavy asset, and to some extent, abnormal logistics. Naturally, we will commercialize this development outside Scandinavia as well, but we have also explored how we can transfer the learning into other industries. For us, it makes sense to address the emerging market that is the wind industry", says CEO of Konciv, Henrik Heggland.

Focused on autonomous planning, space optimization, and quick turnaround

Unfortunately, copy-paste from the Oil & Gas industry will not do to meet the efficiency requirements in the wind industry`s development projects. Although the wind industry sees several traditional Oil & Gas service companies and operators positioning them to serve the wind industry, the supporting systems they are using, including Konciv, cannot just be copied to support the logistics requirements for the development projects in the wind industry.

"Although we see that our experience in oil & gas logistics will definitely help, we cannot directly reuse our current offerings. If we look at the logistics associated with the wind industry (especially in the port operations), we see that there needs to be better (and more automated) planning of storage to optimize space utilization and reduce the time used on internal movements. As more and more projects will be greenlighted, space in ports and yards will be a precious and scarce commodity. Remember, these are large components that take up space and are slow to move around compared to offshore containers. Our aim is to use technology and advanced algorithms to ensure the most efficient handling and storage of the components at the ports as theoretically possible", Heggland continues.

Although autonomous planning is far from simple, this is not new to Konciv - see this example of how Konciv is bringing autonomous terminal planning to the world of autonomous nearshore shipping.

Backed by their industrial investors

One of Konciv`s majority owners, NorSea, has been taking a leading position in the Nordics in transitioning to be a front running in offshore wind through their involvement in Windworks Jelsa, Elevon, Ventyr & Blåse (naming some of their ventures within the wind industry). Konciv has already established a development project with Elevon and is looking forward to collaborating with the other industry ventures NorSea is partnering with to gain Konciv a leading position as a logistics software provider to this industry.

"To take such a position through traditional business development and cold calling is difficult given the long planning horizons. We are very fortunate to be included by NorSea in their strategy to become a leader in offshore wind development, and this position will help us hit our beachhead market running. Through our initial collaboration project with Elevon we have learned a lot about the work processes in this industry, and we look forward to learning even more as we progress with our development activities in close collaboration with our partners", Henrik concludes.

About Innovation Norway:

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

They support companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation.

Norwegian enterprises have access to a broad business support system as well as financial means. Innovation Norway provides competence, advisory services, promotional services and network services.

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