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Ensure operational resilience, reduce administration and boost productivity in your work processes with Konciv Workflow

Solar Operations


Full digital management, execution and automation of key work processes driving your operational performance

Monitoring Room


Track key performance indicators and get intelligent insight into your process performance

Friendly Handshake


Demonstrate your performance to your customers and operators with a click of a button.

A holistic operations model to ensure support for your way of working

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Konciv offers to fully tailor the solution to match your specific work processes and requirements - risk free. We ensure that the platform aligns perfectly with the company's needs so it "works the way you work".

Key features in Konciv workflow

Warehouse & inventory Management

offering a modern and flexible solution accessible from anywhere at any time. Konciv empowers businesses to streamline their warehouse operations effectively and efficiently, ensuring smooth inventory management, procurement, quality control, and deviation management processes

Wind Turbines

Konciv awarded public grant to support the Wind industry

How NorSea is leveraging Konciv for operations.

As Scandinavia`s leading supply base operator, NorSea is leveraging the power of Konciv to drive digitalization in their operational processes

Talk to an expert

Please get in touch to explore how Konciv can support you in digitizing your processes. 

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Henrik Heggland

Bjarne Bendixen

Tore Tjentland

+ 47 914 34 054

+ 47 934 88 330

+ 47 412 54 929

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Tina Sivertsen Heimsvik

Torstein Hoset

Andreas Kalvig Anderson

+ 47 450 02 533

+ 47 453 23 204

+ 47 994 51 711

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