Through our configurable framework and open API's companies are driving their digital transformation with KONCIV

Konciv is a flexible solution that allows you to tailor the application to fit your way of working. Instead of forcing you into a predefined way of working we give you the framework supporting your digital transformation. Furthermore, our open API enables you to easily build custom front ends, reports, sensor integrations and much more with ease and without complexity.

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Control tower & supply chain management

Manage end to end logistics for complex logistics operetations.

Global tracking solutions

Keep track of where your stuff is through utilizing 

tracking technology - from GPS trackers to scanning technology.

Asset management

Manage asset across your locations. Monitor maintenance dates, performance, utilization, movements and much more!

Task & process management

Streamline task management and completion.

workforce & mobilization 


Enable simplified personnel and certificate management through a flexible and configurable solution.

Vessel logistics

Streamline that critical last mile logistics operation by enabling real time visibility in loading operations of vessels.



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