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Konciv enables operational resilienceefficiency and transparency in complex workflows and logistics in heavy asset industries

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Trusted by great organizations such as....

Trusted by great organizations such as....

When efficiency & transparency matter

Our product offerings are driving operational excellence, cost reduction and efficiency in heavy asset industries & facility Management

Konciv Workflow

Reduce administration and boost productivity in your work processes with Konciv Workflow

Konciv Office Booking

Free up office space and increase work satisfaction by introducing a flexible workspace with Konciv Office Booking.


....or build any industrial-grade application

With Konciv`s flexible capabilities you can quickly develop and deploy any application - without a single line of code.

Industries we support


Oilfield service

Ensuring efficient workshop processes, warehouse management, certificate management, rental management & personnel Management


Renewable energy

Receival, storage, inspection and assembly of components used for on and offshore wind



Helping companies transition from fixed seating to flexible seating with Office Booking

Did you know....


Ports & offshore terminals

Helping ports and offshore terminals run realtime operations with autonomous load planning.

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Please get in touch to explore how Konciv can support you in digitizing your processes. 

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Henrik Heggland

Bjarne Bendixen

Tore Tjentland

+ 47 415 34 054

+ 47 934 88 330

+ 47 412 54 929

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Torstein Hoset

Andreas Kalvig Anderson

+ 47 453 23 204

+ 47 994 51 711

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