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Konciv is a configurable framework, packed with templates and functionality to support you in digitizing any process. Use our no code configuration and front ends or build your own addons through our contextualized API`s


what some of our customers built using Konciv

Metal Tubes

Global O&G Operator

Built an app supporting their end to end logistics process - from planning to execution. Enabling both them and their partners to be in control throughout the entire process.

Manpower provider

Built a solution to more efficiently identify candidates, plan and follow up day to day work schedules and analyze efficiency

Cargo Ship at Sea

Vessel Manager

Built an app for vessel reporting and fleet management, ensuring a streamlined process of gathering daily reports reducing administration both onshore and at sea.

Cargo Ship at Sea

World Leading Vessel Operator

Built an IoT app to monitor vessels in layup with to control that the vessels are not dragging on their achorpoint. Automated alerts if the vessel starts moving outside their designated area.


Industry Leading Energy Logistics Provider

Built an entire Terminal Management System, covering Gate- In, Inspection, Internal Movements and Vessel Loading Operations.

Engineering Class

Engineering Company

Built an app to keep track of engineering work, document management and progress reporting.

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Our enterprise templates takes away all the hassle. We develop, maintain, customize, upgrade and support your app. Check out some of our templates and customizable enterprise applications.

Control tower & supply chain management

Manage end to end logistics for complex logistics operetations.

Global tracking solutions

Keep track of where your stuff is through utilizing 

tracking technology - from GPS trackers to scanning technology.

Asset management

Manage asset across your locations. Monitor maintenance dates, performance, utilization, movements and much more!

Task & process management

Streamline task management and completion.

workforce & mobilization 


Enable simplified personnel and certificate management through a flexible and configurable solution.

Vessel logistics

Streamline that critical last mile logistics operation by enabling real time visibility in loading operations of vessels.


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