Say goodbye to outdated Excel worksheets, manual documentation processes, and cumbersome ERP systems, and digitize your workflows in Konciv

Convert your static Excel sheets into powerful apps in no time

Konciv is a configurable framework, packed with templates and functionality to support you in digitizing any process. Use our no-code configuration and front ends or build your own add-ons through our contextualized API`s

What some great companies built with Konciv


Logistics Provider

Built a terminal management system

Carpentry Class

Maintenance Workshop

Built a work order and documentation system


Global O&G Operator

Built a system for tracking & tracing global logistics for their subsea projects


Offshore wind Service Provider

Built a system to manage wind components


O&G Service Provider

Built a asset management system


Maritime Service Provider

Built a system for daily progress reporting

Container Ship

Global Vessel Manager

Built a system for monitoring vessel in layup


Central control room

Autonomous Vessel Operator

Built a system for efficient and safe loading operations

Built a system to manage personnel

The premium package is not an option, its the default

You are free to build any solution yourself with the Konciv technology, but we understand that you have better things to do. That`s why the "premium package" is the default. We build, maintain, and support - and best of all, we take the investment.

"The whole vision behind Konciv is to lower the bar for companies to digitize processes that are left behind. Therefore, we believe that the answer to this is not solely to deliver a flexible technology, but also to work together with our customers - a TRUE software as a service. Therefore, we will configure, setup & integrate your solution as part of the service, and not as an additional cost. We share the risk with our customers."

- Henrik Heggland, CEO of Konciv


Check out how this leading energy logistics provider has utilized Konciv to build its terminal operating system.