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Intelligent Workspace Management

We get that future workplaces are mobile, and through our Office Booking solution, we have aimed to facilitate this for both the administration and the employees.

Experience intelligent Workplace management freedom with Konciv

Embrace the new era of flexible work with Konciv, your partner in automating office schedules and managing booking times. Try our solution for free today!

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Effortless Scheduling

Effortlessly regulate office capacity and empower your users to manage their workspace schedule, eliminating all administrative hassles.


Flexible Workspaces

Transform your workspace with Konciv Office Booking; a simple solution to create bookable zones and seats using your floor plans. Just upload, draw, and let your team reserve their spots.

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Smart Planning

Boost your planning with our data-driven insights into workforce trends and office utilization, including facility services like lunch and parking.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for 100 % satisfied customers, and we are confident that we will be able to deliver what you need. Therefore, we have no cost for implementation, and if you don't like our solution, there is no lock-in period!

Three Easy Steps To Start



We start by understanding your workspace and team structure, offering free, no-risk mapping. This helps us devise the perfect solution for your unique needs.​



We'll swiftly handle the setup, but more importantly, we assist with your team's transition.



Post-launch, we keep a pulse on adoption, providing actionable insights, and making necessary refinements to enhance employee satisfaction and reap the benefits of hybrid work tech. 


We use a monthly licensing fee, where price dependant on number of users and offices.

Our prices are always all-inclusive, meaning that implementation, support, new features, and development are always included in the fixed price.

Konciv's motto is "Works the way you work." So, our service is therefore tailor-made to meet your needs. 

Ready to get started?

Talk to an expert

Please get in touch to explore how Konciv can support you in digitizing your processes. 

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Henrik Heggland

Bjarne Bendixen

Tore Tjentland

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Tina Sivertsen Heimsvik

Torstein Hoset

Andreas Kalvig Anderson

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