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Work order Management & Progress Reporting

Brings transparency, operational excellence and automation to your work orders and workshop processes. 

With Konciv you can digitize the flow of any workshop process and automate documentation and progress reporting

Konciv gives you a full software suite to digitize workshop processes and progress reporting

  • Configure any workshop process and keep track of what is being done when

  • Create and manage daily checklists to ensure your workshop is running smoothly​​

  • Generate automatic maintenance reports, progress reports or any other reports or documentation as an output to your process

  • Mobile app interface for using the solution in the workshop or out in the field

Talk to an expert

Please get in touch to explore how Konciv can support you in digitizing your processes. 


Henrik Heggland

Bjarne Bendixen

Tore Tjentland

+ 47 914 34 054

+ 47 934 88 330

+ 47 412 54 929


Hans Petter Bakke

Trygve Sekse

Afaq Mansoor Khan

+ 47 907 63 790

+ 47 915 38 798

+ 47 412 54 929

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