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Efficiency and transparency in guard vessel coordination for the world’s longest power cabel.

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

In June this year preparations and operations will start for laying the world’s longest power cable stretching from Hylsfjorden in Suldal and out through the fjords to the North Sea. The cable is part of the massive North Sea Link project which will connect a new power line between Norway and UK. From the Norwegian side the cable is produced and laid by Nexans on behalf of Statnett. Responsible for coordinating guard vessel activities for the project on the Norwegian side is Maritime Logistic Service (MLS). To ensure safe, efficient and transparent operations of the guard vessels, MLS have implemented their digital coordination and reporting service on the KONCIV Platform.

A need to increase efficiency and traceability in guard vessel activities

In our work of coordinating vessels we have seen the need to streamline reporting and coordination through digitalization. The process has, in the past, been too manual and error-prone – which again resulted in more administration and inefficiency both at sea and on land. As a part of our promise to deliver safe, efficient and reliable services to our customers we wanted to develop a digital tool for the guard vessel reporting which ensures better quality in the reporting to our customers. Our solution was to build a digital service in KONCIV which makes it easier for the vessels to receive information and procedures, do their daily progress reporting and fully automate the consolidated progress reports that we make available to our customers. We named the solution Vessel Online and we have been utilizing it now for over a year. We can full-heartedly say that we have increased the efficiency and quality of the coordination and reporting process on behalf of our customers.

- Explains Tor Sven Slaake, CEO of MLS.

Flexibility results in opportunities

The KONCIV platform is built with flexibility at its core and is already utilized for different purposes – from supply base logistics to global tracking of assets and to streamlining a variety of critical work processes. KONCIV`s mission is to increase control, efficiency and transparency in mission-critical operations.

When MLS first approached us with the need to streamline coordination and reporting for guard vessels we knew very little about the process. But it was an exciting process to learn about this type of operation and specially to see how “easy” it was to tailor our solution to meet the requirements. That is a result of our strategy to develop and deliver a flexible platform that can be tailored to meet (almost) any scope that deals with coordination and control of logistics operations. With the flexible data model that we have developed where you can configure different asset and reporting templates it was just a matter of doing some tailoring to the front end to ensure MLS had the tool they needed.

- Says Henrik Heggland, CEO of KONCIV

KONCIV – a part of the maritime industry

KONCIV – which recently went through a capitalization process is owned 49 % by NorSea (a part of Wilhelmsen Group) and 40 % by Kongsberg Digital.

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