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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management for when flexibility is required

With Konciv you get a warehouse management system fully tailored to your warehouse processes

Konciv understands that no warehouse is the same and that a modern warehouse management system requires flexibility and configurability to meet the customers demand.

  • Vendor management. Keep an overview of vendors and manage procurements against vendors.

  • Goods receipt. App-based goods receipt in the warehouse. Supports partial goods receipt, deviations on receipt, returns, and much more.

  • Labeling and scanning system. 

  • Analytics. Create management and analytics dashboards to better understand your warehouse processes' efficiency.

  • Packing, manifestations, and customs declarations.


Check out how NorSea is digitizing their terminal operations with Konciv Terminal Operating System

Talk to an expert

Please get in touch to explore how Konciv can support you in digitizing your processes. 

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Torstein Hoset

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