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Office Booking at Axess Group

Updated: May 2

In the words of Arne Litlere, HR Advisor at Axess Group: "When we started looking at optimizing our office use we identified a clear issue – our seating arrangement was static and not in tune with the evolving needs of our flexible work policies. As we transitioned to a new office designed for an open seating plan, the need for a more dynamic solution became apparent."

🌟"Enter Konciv Office Booking: a tool that transformed our approach to office use. This system enabled us to seamlessly introduce an open office with free seating arrangements, empowering our employees with the choice of where and how to work without losing track of who's sitting where and who's working from home."

The benefits were clear: strategic use of space, streamlined parking bookings, and reduced administrative tasks, fostering easier interactions and enhanced collaboration among colleagues.

Arne Litlere notes, "This solution effectively addressed the drawbacks of flexible workplaces."

"Choosing Konciv was influenced by more than just competitive pricing; it was their exceptional service that made the difference." 🏆

Thanks to Axess Group for the collaboration and for placing their confidence in KONCIV. We look forward to working together with them as they continue expanding their worldwide operations.

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