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Optimizing office space utilization

To ensure better utilization of the office space a new feature is implemented in the Konciv Office Booking solution.

The feature will match "non-full-day" bookings to ensure that as many desks as possible is available for full-day bookings and avoid the need to book different desks for different time periods of the day and having to switch desks during e.g. lunch break.

How it works

When making a booking for another time period than a full day e.g. 0800-1200, the solution will check if there are desks that are booked from 1200-1600 that are available in the 0800-1200 timeslot. If there are desks available in the morning that are booked in the afternoon the user have to select between these desks. If there are no "matches" between morning and afternoon the user can select the desk they want.

In the below example there are 3 bookings for a given date but they are all for afternoon. The desks are therefore occupied for full day booking. If the user then switches to morning booking the user can only select the desks that are booked in the afternoon.

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