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Release June 2022

The release is part of the continous improvement of KONCIV and includes both new features and new small bug fixes. The login page layout is also changed. The main improvements to the solution is:

  • Charts feature

    • For an item type you can now create charts that are accessible from item list for that item type.

  • Rule based actions (automations)

    • You can now configure rules that will trigger an action/automation if rule is met. For example you can say that if the status of the item is "Not available" the QTY is set to 0 etc.

  • KANBAN view of items

    • Display items based on their process step.

  • Configurable columns for linked items in item detail page

    • For linked items you can now define which columns you want to see in the item detail page.

  • API Property

  • Reference object property

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