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Improved Konciv Office booking experience

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

To enhance the user experience of using the Konciv Office booking solution we have made improvements to the end-user web app and admin booking portal.

Web app improvements

The main change to the web app is that we have moved the floor plan out of the popup it was in and it is now displayed immediately when selecting a date. This saves the user from a couple of "clicks" and gives a more intuitive flow for booking a workspace. The UI has been changed accordingly to allow for displaying the floor plan in the same view as the other options.

  • Moved the floor plan out of the popup

  • Adjusted the UI to allow for floor plan in the main UI

  • More intuitive status colors

  • Improved Zoom&Pan


Admin booking portal improvements

The UI of the admin booking portal has been improved as well as a new feature that allows you to book on behalf of several users on given days of the week for a period of time.

  • Feature for booking for several people over a period of time (Multiple bookings)

  • Adjusted colors to align with the end-user portal

  • The workspace name shows on tooltip/mouseover for better looks

  • Improved Zoom&Pan

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