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What is KONCIV and why did we build it?

In the race towards running a fully digitized operation professionals are often having to ask themselves

Do I buy an "off the shelf" software or do I develop a solution from scratch?

Both alternatives work fine for supporting industry-standard processes as there either is software available in the market or it would make sense to carry the cost of developing it from scratch. However, too often businesses find themselves in a situation where it isn't a product available for a niche process and the investment in time and money through developing it from scratch doesn't really make sense. In these situations, companies often turn to Excel, Word documents, and shared folders or create cumbersome workarounds in legacy systems. This usually leads to inefficiency, creates barriers to scale the organization, is error-prone, and quite frankly, is very costly over time. This is where KONCIV aims to help.

KONCIV - A domainless platform to build domain-driven applications

KONCIV, at its core, is a configurable cloud solution that will enable you to create any process-driven, collaborative solution. You can create fully working solutions without any code, but you can also create your custom front ends and specialized business logic through our API`s.

What great organizations are creating on the KONCIV platform

We previously wrote about how MLS created a vessel reporting and coordination solution using the KONCIV platform, and this serves as a good example of some of the capabilities of the platform. We also recently launched a solution template for managing office bookings, inspired by new ways of working arising in the aftermath of COVID-19. This solution template was build in a matter of days using the standard features and capabilities of the KONCIV platform and is now being rolled out to customers this summer. These are some examples, and we look forward to sharing more great user stories soon - like how an O&G operator build an end to end solution for their global asset movements.

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