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With companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Telenor introducing permanent policies for working from home it is evident that we will never go back to the «9 – 5» office hours standard. Konciv automates the process of creating office schedules, booking time at the office and manage booked slots. Sign up today for a free account.

A flexible workplace policy is the new standard
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Don`t complicate - simplify

KONCIV OFFICE BOOKING lets you easily configure capacity at the office, and lets the users book their time. The systems automated self- auditing features allows you to remove all administration related to office bookings and give  the power to your users to plan their office time.

Bring it to the floor

Looking to move to a more flexible workplace? With KONCIV OFFICE BOOKING you can easily bring your floor plans to life and give the possibility to your users to book actual desks and areas. No need for complicated files, just upload a picture of the floor plan in the format of your choice and start to draw bookable zones and seats.

Gain key insight

Plan better by getting insigth into the trends of the workforce. Data- driven reports allow you to better understand how and when the office is used, who needs lunch, parking and other facility services. 

Get to know how Kongsberg Digital is enabling better office planning with KONCIV

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