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Why low-code should be your minion on your path to world domination

Organizations are increasingly turning to low-code development technologies to fulfill growing demands for speed application delivery and highly customized automation workflows,” said Varsha Mehta, Senior Market Research Specialist at Gartner.

Equipping both professional IT developers and non-IT personas — business technologists — with diverse low-code tools enables organizations to reach the level of digital competency and speed of delivery required for the modern agile environment"


We asked our very own Henrik Heggland to comment on the development and why this trend is picking up speed.

"In the traditional software market, there is a GAP. Either you find a shelfware solution that promises to do everything, and more often than not, you find yourself frustratingly trying to customize it to solve your unique process requirements. OR you throw in the towel and hire a development team to build an application from scratch", says Henrik.

With companies demanding speedy deliveries as they undergo restructuring of operations to meet the change in demand or need to deliver in new markets and segments, alongside a record low availability of software developers and engineers, companies are looking for new ways to develop and utilize software.

"Both traditional alternatives are costly, time-consuming, and risk-prone. This GAP is increasingly being filled by low-code and no-code frameworks that offer the flexibility to be tailored towards a company`s unique requirements without the complexity, risk, and cost associated with traditional software development", Henrik continues.

So where does Konciv fit in this landscape?

"We really do not like to call Konciv low-code framework, although it bears all the hallmarks of such a technology. Konciv is first and foremost a logistics and work process management solution that offers all the flexibility required to tailor to your specific need, but also has a ton of functionality out of the box to meet requirements for warehousing, yard management, tracking and tracing, maintenance operations and much more".

According to Henrik, applying domain knowledge within heavy asset industries to the flexible technology Konciv develops is what will make Konciv stand out in the crowd of low-code technologies.

"Let's face it, domainless low-code technologies are becoming sophisticated and are being pushed by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce. Although we have a similar approach to developing and delivering our technology, our uniqueness lies in the domain-driven functionalities that come with the product without compromising on flexibility".

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