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Oslo Municipality Awards Contract to Konciv for Office Booking

The Real Estate and Urban Renewal Agency in Oslo municipality will use Konciv Office Booking as they return to office.

The contract with Oslo municipality, which was won through a tender process with several vendors involved, will be used to ensure a safe and flexible return to the office for their employees.

"We are thrilled that Oslo municipality has evaluated Konciv Office Booking to be the best alternative in the market for managing a safe return to the office as well as allowing more flexibility in the usage of the office spaces", says Henrik Heggland, CEO of Konciv.

A market in the making

Since companies have started planning the reopening of Offices - both in Norway as well as internationally, Konciv is starting to notice the trend of allowing more flexibility in the time to come.

"Although our venture into office logistics started as a response to the COVID-19 situation, we now see that the maturity of customers getting onboarded and who show interest in the solution is due to a change in the workforce mindset. A hybrid work environment is the future, and companies are looking for tools that can support this. Our booking solution makes this transition smooth for both employer as well as an employee", continues Henrik.

Looking beyond our borders

Although Konciv already has customers using the solution internationally they believe it is time to intensify the growth.

"Up until now, we have focused our energy in proving the product market fit in our home market, in parallell with developing functionality to make the product as good as possible, ensuring that we can take a leading position. We have had an opportunistic approach to international customers, but with the proof points we now have it is the right time for us to explore the possibility to launch an international growth plan", says Henrik.

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