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Konciv introduces automated carpooling to its Office Booking customers

"Through our offering of Office Booking, we are starting to see a trend: Many employees find themselves driving between offices to attend meetings, workshops or to follow up on projects. Today, there is little to no transparency in who travels between offices and when they do so, resulting in employees driving alone. Unnecessary and bad for the environment", says Tore Tjentland, Account Manager in Konciv.

Konciv finds itself in a position to help companies reduce emissions and offer a more collective approach to inter-company travels, by enabling the employees to organize carpooling in an automated manner. Lending from our experience in automating logistics operations in heavy asset industries through our other product offerings, we can utilize the same models and algorithms to automate and suggest car sharing or carpooling on inter-company drives.

"Seeing that we already have information on which employees are booked to be at which office on any given day and/or period, we can detect if employees will be traveling the same route. Based on the information, the users will be asked to organize carpooling. It's more fun to drive together with your colleagues, it saves cost and it drastically reduces C02 emissions. If you reduce 2 cars down to 1 car on a 1-hour drive, you save approx. 13,3kg of C02 emissions. It will quickly add up to an enormous amount of C02 reduction just by carpooling", Tore continues.

Konciv wants to be a front-runner in C02 reduction and is playing a key role in reducing C02 emissions in the Oil & gas industry to enable better efficiency on supply bases (with reduced driving by trucks and lower turnaround time on vessels), Konciv is supporting the worlds first fully autonomous and fully electric RoRo vessels and Konciv recently announced a development plan to further develop its technology suite to support on and offshore wind development projects.

"Tech companies are in general in a great position to support the transition. In Konciv, our strategy is not only to help companies reduce costs and be compliant in their work processes, it is equally important for us to support companies in reducing their C02 footprint. That's why we, throughout our product offering, are always looking for new opportunities to further develop our products to support this transition for our customers - from heavy logistics operations to facility management", he explains.

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