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Konciv acquires the Tools solution from AS

Konciv acquires the Tools solution from AS, as a carve-out to strengthen its position within the Oil & Gas service segment.

Konciv continues its journey to become a leading software provider for the Oil & Gas service segment by announcing the successful acquisition of a carve-out of Tools from AS. The acquisition encompasses all of Keystone's existing customers utilizing their software offering, Tools. This move underscores Konciv's commitment to enhancing its product offerings within the Oil & Gas service segment.

"We are thrilled to announce this acquisition, and we are looking forward to migrating Keystone`s existing customers to the Konciv platform. We continue to invest in our product offering servicing the Oil & Gas service segment, and Keystone`s customers will now get access to more functionality and more flexibility to tailor the software to meet their requirements", says Henrik Heggland, CEO in Konciv.

Keystone strengthens its commitment to servicing the Offshore drilling segment

The decision to sell Tools, and divest from their current operations is part of Keystone's strategic shift towards a stronger commitment to the offshore drilling segment. Keystone has secured significant contracts with industry leaders such as AkerBP, Equnior, Wintershall and OMV with more, which have further solidified their presence in this sector.

"Our offerings within the offshore drilling segment have garnered substantial interest from global organizations. This encouraged us to narrow our focus exclusively to this sector. In light of this decision, we were determined to find a suitable home for our Tools customers, ensuring they receive continued support and access to cutting-edge technology. After a thorough evaluation, we identified Konciv as the ideal partner for our valued customers.", says Jan Isaachsen in Keystone.

Exploring synergies for improving efficiency for both operators and service providers

With Keystone`s continued focus on offshore drilling, and Konciv strengthening its position within logistics and asset management for the service industry, in addition to its offering within supply base management, Konciv, and Keystone will explore how they can collaborate on data sharing to better support the operators and the service companies by combining data from well planning and operations with real-time logistics.

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