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CEO-Led Capital Round Empowers Employees and Drives Konciv's Growth in Heavy Asset Industries

Konciv, a pioneering force in the digitization of operational workflows for heavy asset industries is announcing a successful capital raise of 7,6 MNOK. This funding initiative further solidifies Konciv's commitment to advancing innovation within sectors crucial to global energy production.

Henrik Heggland, CEO of Konciv, expressed his profound optimism about the company's trajectory:

"Through seeing how Konciv is being deployed to digitize a wide array of operational processes for both large corporations and smaller workshops continues to strengthen my faith in the fact that Konciv will take a significant position in digitizing operational work processes in heavy asset industries - such as oil & gas and offshore wind to name a few. Although we are taking one step at a time, my confidence in Konciv is becoming a leading technology in its space is unwavering".

Employees taking an active role

The enthusiasm for Konciv`s potential is shared by Henrik`s colleagues. The vast majority of the capital round has been covered by employees and board members of the company. This highlights the shared belief in Konciv and demonstrates the employee's long-term commitment to the cause. After the round employees and board members control 40 % of the company - up from 15 %.

"I am thrilled to see my colleagues committing to the cause by actively participating in the round. To meet our targets we are solely reliant on the share motivation and will in the organization, and this proves that we are stepping up to the plate", Henrik continues.

Konciv has previously sought growth capital from its industrial owners, NorSea Group and Kongsberg Digital. They are now taking a step back to allow the employees to take an even more active role in the further development of the company.

"We have been very fortunate to have NorSea and Kongsberg Digital supporting us in the startup phase. Now, as we are maturing as a company, we are happy to see that they are handing the reins over to us and allowing us to take a larger stake and effectively giving us the control leavers in the company. Not all industrial investors see the value in active employee ownership, but I am happy that our owners recognize this value", Henrik concludes.

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