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From one startup to another


Build your digital infrastructure with Konciv, start paying when you make money

Your digital backbone is your competitive edge

Long story short. You know that you digital infrastructure is your competitive edge, but it is costly and risky to build before you have made your market. A catch 22 many companies find themselves in. To win the market, you need to promote your digital capabilities, but to build your digital capabilities you need your market.



We will help you build your digital solution on the Konciv platform. You do not pay a dime, but invest your time in building the application that will ensure that you are able to deliver your service or product.


Start promoting your digital capabilities, and ensure that you can run efficiently when you have made your market. You can start using the solution, and the licenses are not activated until you start making money.


Once you have made your market and you are operational, you pay a monthly license for using Konciv. We will continue to support you as part of our Service, and help you further develop your solution to adapt to the changes in your operations. No extra cost....

What some great companies built with Konciv


Leading logistics provider

Built a terminal management system

Carpentry Class

Maintenance workshop

Built a work order and documentation system


Global O&G operator

Built a system for tracking & tracing global logistics for their subsea projects


Offshore wind service provider

Built a system to manage wind components


O&G service provider

Built a asset management system


Maritime service provider

Built a system for daily progress reporting

Container Ship

Global vessel manager

Built a system for monitoring vessel in layup

Manpower provider

Built a system to manage personnel

Central control room

Autonomous vessel operator

Built a system for efficient and safe loading operations

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