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How Konciv Saved Christmas


A North Pole Adventure

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The North Pole crisis

Imagine a Christmas where Santa couldn't deliver gifts on time.


It almost happened this year. Santa was struggling to manage the overwhelming task of delivering gifts. His desk was piled with lists, tracking who had been naughty or nice, wishlists, and locations of children.


The elves were helpless as the orders weren't reaching them quickly. They wasted a lot of time cross-checking which toys to make, available parts, and existing inventory.


That's when Santa decided to call Konciv...

Konciv to the rescue

We understood the mission straight away and jumped on the first plane to meet Santa and understand which challenges he needed to solve.


After brainstorming with Santa and his elves, we defined how Konciv could be built to support the massive logistical operation of building and delivering packages to nice children all over the world.


They needed a system that removed all the manual labor, so they could focus on their main tasks instead of using all their time on administrative work.

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Success story: A stress-free Christmas Eve

We went back home and immediately started working on a solution that could save Christmas. We used all their input and created a solution that tracked all the data in one interface, and a specially designed app for Santa`s big operation.


Key features of the app:

- Gift labels and recipient matching.

- Address organization and package management.

- Weight calculations and travel optimization.

- Time zone tracking and refueling schedules (snack for Rudolph and the other reindeer).


The app was designed with a playful and user-friendly interface designed for elves and Santa himself.

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"I am very happy! Konciv understood the challenges we faced and created a digital solution that suited our needs."
Saint Nicholas
Director of Christmas Operations
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