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To meet the growing demand of the KONCIV app platform we are glad to welcome Hans Petter Bakke to the team. Hans Petter brings with him extensive experience in business development and sales within the energy and utility sector.

"When I first was introduced to KONCIV I quickly saw the wide applicability of the platform - from yard management to asset logistics, and to managing office logistics and supporting other key processes I know many companies are looking to digitize. Having worked with different types of service companies and other players within the energy sector I truly believe the platform can help companies in the digital transformation, and that was my key motivator for joining", says Hans Petter.

KONCIV is strengthening its commercial and operational capacity

"Getting Hans Petter onboard to support us in getting our platform positioned in the market is one of several initiatives we now are doing to prepare for scaling the company and the platform. We have already increased our development and technical capacity to ensure that we have a scalable platform, but we will also, in the near future, start increasing our operational capacity in the business end to better follow up existing and new customers - ensuring a smooth transition onto the platform.", says Managing Director, Henrik Heggland.

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