Vessel logistics

Streamline that critical last mile

Reduce the turn around time of a vessel and reduce administration - enabling the vessel to sail more and wait less. An efficient logistics operations makes an efficient energy company, and no logistics operation is more critical than efficient vessel operations. Therefore we have put alot of effort in supporting an efficient last mile logistics through our vessel logistics capabilities.

Real time loading operations

  • Manifest and plan management

  • Real time coordination and execution - from control room to base operator

  • Real time alerts and notification

  • Real time progress and status

  • Efficient weight capturing

  • Automated handling reports

Daily vessel reporting

  • Customize reporting template

  • Optimized for maritime environments with poor connectivity

  • Consolidated consumption reports for single vessels or fleet

  • Vessel position and historic movements

Vessel route sharing

  • Create and broadcast spare capacity

  • Show planned sailing rutes

  • Receive and handle enquiries

deck planning

Coming soon...