Global Tracking Solutions

Gain real time insight into your critical movements

Take control of the real time movements of your valuable goods and transportations through our IoT enabled cloud platform for logistics.

Track and trace is process of knowing the historic movements of your goods and their current location. Collecting real time tracking data and automating this process gives you business critical information for real time decision making as well as providing valuable journey insight. By coupling this capability with our control tower functionality, you are truly running a digital twin of your supply chain.

“Our turn key Track and Trace capabilities enables integration with various IoT devices and scanning technologies to efficiently capture real time movements”

Key features:

  • Integrate with various coordination devices - from GPS to land based coordination detection

  • Out of the box QR code scanning for manual update

  • Create custom geofences for automated notifications

  • Automate logistics processes (such as goods receival based on geo- positions)

  • Easily view historic movements and benchmark movement routes