Control Tower & Supply Chain Management

Make better descisions and efficiently execute supply chain processes

Are you meeting your customers expectations for a dynamic, responsive and competitive supply chain and logistics operation? Through digitally transforming your supply chain to achieve greater visibility, collaboration and automation you will increase your competitive edge and reduse waste.

Through efficient management of your supply chain and logistics operation is key for meeting these requirements. But how can you efficiently manage complex supply chains – often involving several parties and subcontractors – without having the needed visibility across your supply chain processes?

Lack of visibility and predictability in complex logistics operations is an issue in many industries. Only about six per cent of companies worldwide believe that they have achieved full supply chain visibility, according to the 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide Survey.

“Through our capabilities in delivering a full supply chain control tower you will be able to plan better, execute more efficiently, correctly intervene and monitor, analyze and improve your processes”


Key features:

  • Flexibility to support any supply chain process through business configuration

  • Monitor the supply chain processes and easily identify bottlenecks and deviations

  • Data driven analytics

  • Open ended integration through our modern and “out of the box” API

  • Execute supply chain activities in operations (in example handling orders, executing a manufacturing process, doing goods receival, handle packing and much more)

  • Invite your suppliers to access and execute activities in your supply chain processes

  • Configure rule sets for notifications